Cahootify: Are you missing out on the next BIG thing?

Cahootify Website
Whether you’re an aspiring Tarantino, an actor with a big dream, or creative individual looking to expand their professional horizons then you’ve got to hear all about Pete Francomb’s latest and greatest social media platform “Cahootify!”
Cahootify Website
Cahootify is an online project portfolio that allows you to demonstrate your ability and potential across the World Wide Web, allowing you to branch out to new customers and possible future co-workers. This freelance website allows you to showcase your original work, whilst ensuring you get fully credited and commended for the things you have produced or worked with as part of a team.
Within this website, you are given the opportunity to present work that you have created and even include your name in any other projects online that you have been a part of, whether this is directing and filming, or even costume design. This is great for your online persona as it gives you the ability to display work you feel could gain you particular success and one that presents your talents well.
Film strip
By creating an online portfolio with Cahootify, the people who admire your work can easily find you making you more accessible thus giving you a greater potential of work. This applies to much more than just the consumers, but is also particularly beneficial to those who wish to request to work with you or hire you as part of their production team. Anyone interested in your work can quite easily click on your online persona through Cahootify, and be presented with your own online portfolio.
When learning about Cahootify, I began to consider how different and unique this company was in comparison to other websites we already have access to. I found myself particularly intrigued that this company was very similar to the website ‘LinkedIn’. A platform that lets you “Manage your professional identity…build and engage with your professional network…access knowledge, insights and opportunities.” Therefore I began to question the differences between the two of these social networking’s. Cahootify allows its users to create portfolios of work, which is ideal for those who want to become a cog in the film, media and entertainment industry. In comparison to this, LinkedIn is not designed to display these projects but to create and exhibit your professional profile, such as your hobbies, your previous work history and your academic achievements. However, they both aim in helping your working recruitment opportunities and the ways in which your professional domains can be demonstrated online. Therefore to gain the most of both of these websites, it would be resourceful to use them both alongside each other to encourage professional and practical responses.
So, is Cahootify a social media platform or an online community? What if I told you it could be both? Well, according to Rosemary O’Neill, “Social networks tend to recommend specific peer-to-peer connections… and communities bring together a cohesive group.” Therefore Cahootify brings both of these admirable factors together to create a platform that is both dimensional and experimental, but certainly one that works and is successful.
Personally, I feel that a good online presence is the key to most of your success online. Usually, the bigger and more popular you are, the greater the chance for you to gain opportunities for work and recruitment. In my opinion, the way you go about marketing yourself online is almost as important as the content you have created and are willing to present. So, social media is one of the biggest and most successful ways to market something online, and there are several ways in which an individual just like yourself can do this. Twitter tends to be one of the more popular ways individuals go about marketing themselves and their work. This is due to the folksonomy of the hashtag. (I have created a more detailed blog post about the folksonomies and taxonomies of Twitter if you’re not too sure about what this is! You can find it by clicking here.) This is likely to be due to the opportunities it raises through the chance of finding new connections with people who aren’t following you but people who are actively seeking out those with similar interests or people who are also promoting their own work. For example, you may Tweet something along the lines of…
Caption of a tweet
and people who look under the hashtag “#IndependentFilmMaker” may find your work and seek out your professional profile. Therefore this online marketing strategy can not only help to promote your work but also be used to help communications between project members and their consumers.
So, why is Cahootify an important platform for me when I already have the likes of Twitter, Youtube and Facebook to demonstrate my work?
This is a question I found myself wondering after hearing all about this platform and the way it works, and the truth is, because it help to gather and collate a community of people who each express similar passions and qualities you may be looking for when recruiting staff or when displaying your work! This online platform is excellent for those who wish to find people with the corresponding needs to their requirements, and the best part is, it’s all in one place!
So, by using social media such as Twitter, Instagram and LinkedIn you can engage traffic towards your Cahootify profile!
twitter, facebook instagram, linkedin icons
If there is one thing that I feel potentially hinders the ultimate success of this website is the lack of hierarchy among its users. This is understandably a matter of opinion, however I feel it would be best to be able to differentiate the ‘amateurs’ from the ‘experts’ to allow people to critically devise who they would like to hire or who they would like to work alongside. I feel that personally, being an ‘amateur’ in the world of film production, I would feel uncomfortable and insecure attaching myself to a project with people who would be considered ‘experts’, and vice versa. However this might not always be the case as we all have to start somewhere in order to become an expert. Therefore this notion of hierarchy could work in allowing people to branch out and gain experience by following or requesting to shadow or work alongside a person who is already considered a well-established and an already developed film/entertainment professional, as this would allow individuals to gain experience and learn from those whose footsteps they wish to follow.
All in all, I personally believe that Cahootify is an excellent way for new and independent media creatives to seek out positions of work through displaying their talents online to the right people at the right time. Not only does this create work for them, but it makes it easier for those who wish to scout talent and for those who are looking for work. I certainly will be using this to expand my portfolio of work in attempt to find other creatives at my level and join them in creating future projects, whilst also taking the time to browse through the work of other people to both inspire and enrich my knowledge of the film industry and what I could be capable of.
So what are you waiting for? Hit Cahootify, create an online profile and find the world of entertainment at your fingertips! There’s a whole platform of opportunities just waiting for you to explore them!
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How to get your brand noticed on Twitter

Below is a link to a podcast I have recently created all about how to get your brand noticed via Twitter! This is particularly helpful to Independent artists who are looking to get noticed this way!
How to get your brand noticed on Twitter! 
Have a listen and let me know what you think by commenting on the post below! Thank you! 

Twitter icon

Best Indie Bands to see Live

The Arctic Monkeys

Picture of Arctic Monkeys concert tickets

In 2013 my best friend and I finally managed to get tickets to see our favorite band live at the MEN arena in Manchester. We’d both been fans of the Arctic’s since high school so seeing them live was a big deal for the both of us.

The Atmosphere of the arena was so intense. It was clear to see that each individual fan wanted to be there and the performances on stage were insane. I will forever remember this night as one of underage drinking, unidentifiable liquids being thrown around and top quality music.

The showmanship of the band was a real deal breaker for me, as I’d seen several interviews and watched many videos of AM, it was obvious to me that their passion for their music was very real and extremely enthusiastic. This was only enhanced when i saw them on stage, it truly pleased me to see people who I admire enjoy what they do when they perform. If you haven’t seen Arctic’s live then you truly are missing out.

The Courteeners

Picture of crowd at courteeners gig

I saw these just last year at Heaton Park in Manchester a few days before the ‘Park Life’ weekender. This was one of my first outside gigs as I’ve never been to a festival before, and it was a whole new way for me to experience live music.


I have followed this band for a while and experiencing their music live was incredible. The crowds atmosphere only enhanced my attitude towards the gig, if I ever get the chance to see these live again I wouldn’t even think twice before purchasing the tickets, they were one of a kind and this is a gig I will remember for the rest of my life.

Picture of me at courteeners gig

The Kooks

The Kooks ticketsI have yet to see these live as unfortunately the scheduled date for 9th December was cancelled and has had to be rescheduled. Yet I have no doubt that seeing them live will be an incredible experience and one that will easily peak top five of the best bands I have seen live.
I will update this post once I have been to the rescheduled concert and keep you updated as to whether or not they live up to the high expectations I hold!

I’d love to hear about any concerts you’ve attended and whether you’d recommend any particular bands I should keep an eye out for!

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An afternoon with a Journalist..

Yesterday I had the amazing opportunity of attending a talk with Stuart Heritage who works for ‘The Guardian‘ as a live blogger for ‘The X Factor’.Stuarts pic
He spoke all about what it takes to become a journalist for companies that are successful and well established. I used the hashtag #LTJW (you can click the hashtag and join in with me on Twitter!) throughout the talk. Here are some of Stuart’s tips and words of advice to young people who aspire to become journalists or want to become successful bloggers.Tweets under the #LTJW
All in all I found the talk very inspiring as it normalized the possibility of a career in Media for me. Stuart is just a normal individual who worked to get where he is, to me this proved that no ambition of mine is unattainable.
Quote #LTJW
I’d really like to thank Stuart for sharing what it took for him to get where he is in his career, I found it very useful and I hope you do too.
Follow Stuart on Twitter: @stuheritage.
You can also keep up with his guardian column here.
Or see some of his other work at ‘Luv & Hat’.

Top 10 All Time Best Christmas Songs

Yes. It’s that time of year again. Hectic shoppers, dark nights and extra layers. CHRISTMAS!
Christmas time to me is nothing without the music. Despite the overplayed and over energetic annoyance of the same mundane songs every year, the holidays would be nothing without it. I have collated a list of  what i believe to be the top ten Christmas songs of all time…
Let me know what you think should or shouldn’t be on here!
10. The Pretenders – 2000 Miles
This song is a classic and without doubt would get played in my Grandma’s house every single year.

9. What Christmas Means to Me – Stevie Wonder
This is your classic background music in a cheesy American Christmas film, This a guaranteed to be played during a ‘hectic’ Christmas shopping scene.

8. Jingle Bell Rock – Bobby Helms
Two words. Mean. Girls.

7. ‘Christmas (Baby Please Come Home)’ – Darlene Love
This is definitely one of your Mum’s favorite songs. Probably because she can easily remember the repetitive lyrics… However, it’s another classic and is played every year. It’s heartwarming and puts you in the mood to stuff your face with cheap chocolate and get ‘merry’ on mulled wine.

6. Christmas Time (Don’t Let The Bells End) – The Darkness
Every year, whilst putting our decorations up with the family, we would gather around in the living room and choose the best ‘Christmas Song Channel’. I am delighted to note that this video is shown at least once on every channel. It’s a good laugh and it gets even better when your 52 year old Dad attempts to match the pitch of some of  Justin Hawkins’ notes. Definitely not suitable for the fainthearted…

5. The Wassailing Song – Blur
You haven’t had a ‘Merry’ Christmas until you’ve been sat in the pub with your family singing this song at the top of your lungs. This is a classic and could even be played in the middle of June in my opinion.

4. ‘White Christmas’ – Bing Crosby
I dare you to find me one person who dislikes this song! Yes it’s overplayed but EVERYONE knows it. It’s an all round ‘crowd pleaser’ and definitely your Grandma’s favorite Christmas song…

3. ‘Happy Xmas (War Is Over)’ – John Lennon & Yoko Ono
John Lennon wrote this song with his second wife Yoko Ono,  and shortly after his death has become a somewhat protest song against the Vietnam War and is frequently covered by other artists. It’s a Christmas favorite because not only is it just a song but it holds a political message.

2. Baby, It’s cold Outside – Dean Martin
I’ve always loved this duet. It is such a fun and energetic song. Even more so once it made an appearance in the popular Christmas film ‘Elf’ when it was covered by Will Ferrell and Zooey Deschanel. Everyone thinks they can sing this song after a few Christmas ‘bevy’, you might not be the best singer but this song is very fun to sing.

  1. Fairytale of Newyork – The Pogues and Kirsty McColl
My all time favorite Christmas Song. This is what makes Christmas for me. Having an Irish family its no surprise that ‘The Pogues’ would be played relentlessly each year but most particularly over the Christmas Holidays. This song has so many memories and It’s a great song and refuses to ‘sugar coat’ the reality of some families at Christmas time. It’s a fantastic song and if you haven’t heard it you’re missing out.

Okay so, having to choose just TEN Christmas songs was extremely difficult for me as each song, (regardless of how annoying it is) holds a memory for me and reminds me of my family and friends. I decided to add a ‘Bonus’ song. When this song is played on the Radio/TV/Shopping Centres, everyone knows that it is officially Christmas…
BONUS. ‘Last Christmas’ – Wham!
Who doesn’t love a bit of George Micheal?
Merry Christmas you filthy animals.


Taxonomy and Folksonomy of Twitter

Twitter Logo
Taxonomy of Twitter
Taxonomy is known as a “formal classification using a tiered term structure.” One of the taxonomies of Twitter could be the ways in which it categorises Verified and Unverified accounts. These are shown through a recognisable blue tick next to a Username and separates famous public figures from the general public. This is very useful as often public figures can be imitated or mocked online through parody accounts, therefore this verified tick lets us know whether the person we follow is the actual person we believe them to be, or if they are a fake account.
Among the whole of twitter, anyone can become involved. Each user is given (through choice) their own Twitter Handle. For example @_harrieth, which allows me to be individually separated from others among the platform, such as @BarackObama. This makes it easier for everyone to be found, as well as allowing them to have their own personal profile where they can follow whomever they like and post their opinions.
Twitter Folksonomy
Folksonomy, or commonly known as social tagging, is a system in which users can apply public tags to online items, determined by everyday public. As a user the Folksonomies will democratise the way that information is structured; they’re more useful to users.The way we use the folksonomy on Twitter helps us to determine who we wish to connect with and who we desire to target. Hashtags and usernames come under elements of this Twitter Folksonomy, these are known as abbreviations, word of phrases preceded by a crosshatch symbol. You can use a hashtag within your tweets like so…
Screenshot of a tweet with a hashtag
ltjw hashtag
People who click this hashtag may then see tweets made by other Users with the same hashtag. This is great for online communities or live tweeting as all of the tweets can be sent to one place and found via one hashtag.
Next time you find yourself on twitter, why don’t you hashtag one of your interests? This way you may find new people to connect with and more people who have similar interests as you do.

What makes content shareable online?


Alex Turner at the BRIT AWARDS in 2014 is a classic example of everything you do not want to be.

In the grand scheme of things; your stage presence is KEY. Interviews and Award Acceptances can make or break your image. A rude artist often loses lots of public appeal as they seem ungrateful and unappreciative of their fan base. Although it could be argued that this attitude is appealing for Artists such as ‘Liam Gallagher’ who is often rude and brutally critical in his interviews, it often backfires for young independent artists who wish to make a big global impact. Most artists within the Music Industry can throw a few chords together and sing a few words and they can call it a song, but its the showmanship that makes an artist an individual and in an industry of competition;

it is essential.

Alex Turner meme


Artists often rely on social media to advertise their work. Particularly with sites such as Instagram, Facebook and Twitter. Most Artists are avid social media enthusiasts as the opportunity to expand their fan base within the digital era is known as ‘Free Marketing’.

Most artists advertise online by releasing teasers of album covers and short snippets of their new tracks or behind the scenes footage of their latest music videos. This creates an enigma and allows the artists to take full advantage of the hype created around the release of their new music.



Two words. Miley Cyrus. If her alter ego ‘Hannah Montana’ didn’t give her enough attention, her #TWERKING took the internet by storm and gained her even more publicity. Yet, her ‘performance’ alongside Robyn Thicke during MTV’s VMA awards in 2013 certainly depicted the image of a ‘teenage rebel’ wishing to detach herself from her days on Disney Channel. Her new appearance shocked many of her younger fans and soon it was evident that ‘Miley Stewart’ was never to be seen again.

Miley’s music video ‘Wrecking Ball’ is certainly a video that sparked controversy online. Her lack of clothing and persistent licking of a hammer whilst swinging on a wrecking ball shattered Vevo’s record for the most views in a 24-hour period with 19.6 million VIEWS!

Controversial content worked well in Mileys favor as she was able to introduce her new persona to the world, leaving her with a new and intrigued fan base. As to be expected, parents and young fans were unhappy and ashamed of the ‘New Miley’ thus it is important to consider the benefits of releasing online content and whether or not it may be worthwhile losing a well-established fan base to take a chance and switch up your style.

In my opinion, this worked very well for her.



17 Year old Soak, also known as Birdie Monds-Watson, is a Northern Irish singer-songwriter. Her music style is unique and dissimilar to any other artists in the media. Described by ‘The Guardian’ as a ‘vivid portrait of teenage deep-thinking’ her Album ‘Before We Forgot How to Dream‘ depicts her soft and delicate demeanour. Her devotion to her career has allowed her to quit education to focus on her upcoming fame and blossoming music. Her genre lies between her musical inspirations/influences, such as ‘The 1975’ and ‘Joni Mitchell’. And most of her music is written from an event or a feeling she has experienced. She says she is “compelled” to write every song from being in a situation as this allows realism and “originality” to her music allowing her to stand out from others in the musical scene.

Catfish and the Bottlemen

 catfish and the bottlemen

Formed in 2007, Llandudno, North Wales, Catfish and the Bottlemen have recently gained popularity amongst the British public. Sounding similar to Johnny Marr, Mystery Jets and The Kooks, their style offers a unique yet familiar sound making thousands of listeners keen to attend shows and purchase their latest album ‘The Balcony’. With iconic hair accompanied with an “I don’t give a sh*t attitude” they are going to be HUGE.